Close board fence panels

Close Board fencing panels are wooden fence panels formed from vertical feather edge boards, each panel partially overlapping the next and fixed to a horizontal supporting wooden rail. Nailsea Fencing & Gardens typically install Close Board panels are for boundary screening as they are generally more robust than most common wooden panels. Close Board fence panels are ideal for boundary screening or speration in both domestic and commercial applications.


Hit and Miss

‘Hit & Miss’ fencing panels, also known as Double sided are a great alternative to both the palisade and the close board fencing panel. The difference with Hit & Miss is that the fencing allows air to pass through the fence but with limited visibility.


Acoustic Fencing

An increasing demand for Acoustic Fencing has grown considerably with the awareness of environmental noise on people, planning and architecture. Nailsea Fencing & Gardens offer high quality acoustic timber or reflective acoustic fencing that has been designed to reflect the noise waves and reduce noise.


Post and Rail

Post & Rail or Paddock fencing includes a sawn square section of vertical posts, with three horizontal rails, nailed to the posts. Post & Rail fencing is usually more suited for boundary separation in agricultural applications for the enclosing of livestock or even for large gardens without adjoining buildings or properties.

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